Towns: Lincoln


Lincoln has its roots in ingenuity, action and perseverance going back to 1729 when the town fathers began a 25-year struggle to form a separate community from Concord, Lexington and Weston. Their efforts were rewarded and the Legislature established the Town of Lincoln in 1754. On the night of April 18, 1775, during his historic ride to Concord, Paul Revere was captured in Lincoln by a British patrol. The next day, as the Redcoats marched along the Battle Road, over 100 Lincoln minute men and militia rallied for independence. These men were the first to reach Concord where they joined the Battle of Concord at the Old North Bridge. With the “shot heard round the world,” the American Revolution began. Lincoln cherishes its rural, agriculture character, its small-town heritage, its open space, and its historical legacy.