Parker’s Revenge Site

The Parker’s Revenge site is on a rocky hill on the border of Lexington and Lincoln within the boundary of Minute Man National Historical Park.

When 700 British Regulars engaged the 77 members of the Lexington militia in the early morning hours of April 19, 1775, the results were tragic. In a matter of minutes, eight militiamen were killed outright and ten others were wounded. By late morning, Lexington’s Captain John Parker bravely rallied his company and marched off in the direction of Lincoln and Concord. Parker knew all too well the formidable size of the British forces, yet he and his company chose to march toward them and engage them a second time. At this site, they waited until the British column was close, then opened fire in a coordinated assault that momentarily stopped the retreating British, further exposing them to Minute Man companies in hot pursuit.