Lexington Minuteman Statue

The Lexington Minuteman is a life-size bronze figure of a colonial farmer with musket by Boston sculptor Henry H. Kitson. It stands at the southeast corner of the Lexington Battle Green, facing the route of the British advance. Originally a functioning drinking fountain and watering place for men, horses, cattle and dogs, it was unveiled on April 19, 1900, the 125th anniversary of the battle. The sculpture/fountain was funded by a $10,000 bequest from Francis Brown Hayes. The man atop the fieldstone base was supposed to depict Captain John Parker, leader of the Lexington militia in 1775.

Although called the “Minuteman”, it is meant to represent a member of the Lexington militia, local colonists who had volunteered to be first responders to military and other threats. The actual Minutemen were an elite subset of this group, young and fit and able to respond quickly.