Col. James Barrett Farm

The Col. James Barrett Farm is a highly significant historic site in the American Revolution as the home of Col. James Barrett, who used it as a principal depot and storage site for the weapons and munitions of the Massachusetts provisional government. These munitions and provisions for the “Army of Observation” were the principal objective sought by the British troops on their foray to Concord. As the home of one of the commanders of the Middlesex County Militia on April 19, 1775, the Barrett Farm property at 448 Barrett’s Mill Road is significant not only for the events of April 19, 1775 but as the residence of one of Concord’s leading citizens of the period. In addition to his premier role in the Concord fight, even at his advanced age of nearly 65 years, Col. Barrett continued his work for the Revolutionary cause as a member of the Provincial Congress into 1777 as he had been since 1768.